Appeals by Trustees of Proposed MegaMosque to be heard in April and June 2014 - Update

Thank you to all of you who have contacted the Planning authorities to support us; we are very grateful.

As you probably know, after a court hearing in May 2013 the local Newham Council secured an injunction to make the mosque trustees take down their current “temporary” buildings and move their activities off site. The injunction was made because, as they admitted, the mosque trustees were in breach of a unilateral undertaking by the mosque trustees to put in a valid and policy compliant planning application by February 28th 2012

The mosque trustees have since then appealed against that injunction and a date has been set for that appeal to be heard in the Court of Appeal on April 30th.
Under the different system of planning law, the Council unanimously in December 2012 refused planning permission for their proposals for a very big mosque. The mosque trustees have put in planning appeals against that refusal as well, and in respect of two other connected matters. The appeals under the planning system are to be heard at an inquiry estimated to be for twelve days and starting on June 3rd 2014 (not sitting on Mondays).

We at Newham Concern/MegaMosqueNoThanks are continuing to stand against the mosque trustees’ extravagant proposals and unauthorised occupation of the site, supporting the Council in this. We believe that the current proposals, the subject of the planning appeals, are completely incompatible with the general planning frameworks for the local area and totally disproportionate to what is needed and desirable for those living nearby. It is our view that the site could and should be much better used for the wider community in Newham.

We, as a local interest group representing a wider range of views than those connected with the mosque, will be appearing as a “rule 6” party at the inquiry in June and supporting the case for enforcing planning rules which the mosque trustees are seeking to have bent in their favour.

We very much appreciate all those who support us, the immediate need being for financial contributions. If you would like to help us, please use the Donate button to give via PayPal or get in touch with us by email at

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Appeals by Trustees of Proposed MegaMosque to be heard in April and June 2014 - Update
Trustees of Mosque required to cease using site as a mosque

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