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Muslim opposition to the Mega Mosque

Tablighi Jamaat is controversial within the wider Muslim community for a variety of reasons. Some of this is undoubtedly the normal criticism that any organisation employing unusual methods might receive within its own community. However TJ and the mega-mosque project have received more significant criticism:

In November 2006 some 2,500 Muslims in Newham signed a petition ( against the TJ mosque project on the grounds that it would not represent the mainstream of moderate Muslims and that TJ’s ideology ‘is not conducive to good community relations’. This was a major embarrassment for TJ and it now tries to claim the petition organiser has changed his mind. This was not true when Councillor Craig spoke with him and anyway that does not account for the objections of the other 2,499 Muslim signatories!

Dr Taj Hargey of the progressive Muslim Educational Council at Oxford wrote to The Times (28 March 2008) objecting to TJ’s ‘virulent intolerant version of Islam’ and warning that the mosque would become ‘a magnet for religious fundamentalists and cultural supremacists.’ (link)

Muslim commentator Ziauddin Sardar says that in its Pakistan homeland TJ ‘has become a recruiting ground for violent jihadi movements’ and that here in Britain it ‘works invisibly, hidden from prying eyes’. It is ‘not as harmless as most Muslims seem to think’ (New Statesman, 4 September 2006).

Dr Irfan al-Alawi of the Centre for Islamic Pluralism opposes the mosque project as it will ‘promote a separatist cult’ whose doctrines ‘are unquestionably hostile to other religions and to non-Muslim societies and governments’ (Spectator, 5 January 2007). He also cites concern that TJ ‘has been linked with terrorist activities in Pakistan’ (ABC radio interview, 22 August 2007).

The following senior UK Muslims have spoken out publicly against the mega-mosque:

Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui (The Muslim Parliament)

Haras Raffiq (Sufi Muslim Council)

Ed Husain (Quilliam Foundation) - author of 'The

Asghar and Zulfi Bukhari (Muslim Public Affairs Committee)

Dr Irfan al-Alawi (Centre for Islamic Pluralism)

Dr Taj Hargey (Muslim Educational Council of Oxford)

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