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Despite TJ’s Indigo-tutored claims of inclusiveness and community-minded openness at their West Ham project (“We’re glad to be part of Britain’s multi-cultural multi-faith society”, deliberate separation from non-Islamic communities has been TJ’s teaching from inception. Their track record from Thailand in the east to Canada in the west (Travellers in Faith, (ed) Masud, p 236) is one of isolationism and assertion of a separate Muslim identity.

It is therefore no surprise that since the construction of their Dewsbury headquarters in the early 80s, the surrounding Savile Town streets have become an almost entirely Islamic enclave – as noted by a BBC Newsnight reporter (see

The same dynamic is already apparent in London. There is a small road in Councillor Craig's electoral ward which is close to the West Ham mosque site, in which five Tablighi families have recently taken residence in order to be near their mosque.

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