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Articles that have appeared in the press about the Mega Mosque.

Multiculturalism Loses Its Allure: Wall Street journal

15 February 2011

By ALISTAIR MACDONALD, in the wall street journal
Multiculturalism Loses Its Allure

Mosque-Eviction Effort in London Underscores Broader European Shift Toward More Immigrant Integration

LONDON—A local council's effort to evict a mosque from an abandoned industrial site here demonstrates Britain's shifting appetite for multiculturalism, a concept the U.K. prime minister has said should be rejected.

Islamic sect in fight for 'mega-mosque' at Olympic site - London Evening standard

Mira Bar-Hillel, Property Correspondent for the London Evening standard:

Islamic sect in fight for 'mega-mosque' at Olympic site>

Leaders of the Islamic sect Tablighi Jamaat will try to overturn an enforcement order served by Newham council requiring them to leave their West Ham site where they want to create the Abbey Mills Islamic Centre.

Olympics Mega-Mosque Threat Returns As Islamists Start Planning Appeal February 8th 2011

One of Europe’s biggest mosques with a capacity of 12,000 could yet be built next to the Olympics site in east London if a fundamentalist Islamic sect wins a planning appeal that starts next week. Leaders of Tablighi Jamaat (TJ), whose followers have been linked to a number of planned and actual terrorist atrocities, are appealing to a Public Inquiry which starts on Tuesday. If they lose however, they claim it could mean the end of their mega-mosque “development dreams” for their site at West Ham.

Olympic mega-mosque: First planning clash to take place at major public inquiry in New Year

Pre-inquiry meeting on Thursday

Islamic sect Tablighi Jamaat "are irresponsible and have deliberately flouted planning regulations" say opponents

Planners and lawyers from all sides are sharpening their pencils and their arguments in advance of a major public inquiry into the current use of the West Ham site of the proposed mega-mosque by separatist Islamic sect Tablighi Jamaat.

"Megamosque Site: Campaigners welcome Newham Council's enforcement action"

Fiona Hamilton and Ruth Gledhill wrote in the times 18 Jan.

“Newham Council is now considering compulsory purchase of the land after Tablighi Jamaat, whose strict interpretation of Islam has caused concern, failed to lodge a masterplan of its vision.”

Alan Craig has responded to the news with the following statement:

"It's a big step forward, but not the end of the story. It could be a lengthy legal process and it's clear that Tablighi Jamaat continue to want the mosque"

Airline Terror Plot – the three convicts were all Tablighi followers

Sean O'Neill, The Times’ Crime and Security Editor wrote recently,

“Almost without exception, the Walthamstow bombers were Tablighi followers. They sometimes went to huge Friday night (should read Thursday night) gatherings in West Ham on the site beside the 2012 Olympic Park where the sect wants to build Europe's biggest mosque with space for 12,000 people to pray....”

Call for enforcement action against terror plot-linked Tablighi Jamaat over Olympic mega-mosque site

Newham Council "has allowed Islamic sect to use site unlawfully for three years"
A call has been made for Newham Council in east London to take enforcement action against Tablighi Jamaat, the neo-fundamentalist Islamic sect closely linked to a number of the men convicted yesterday in the Atlantic airline terror plot.

The sect plans to build a 12,000 capacity mega-mosque on a 18 acre site that it owns at West Ham, half a mile from the 2012 London Olympic stadium.

Opinion Poll Finds 6 In 10 Local Muslims Prefer Mixed-Use Development for Mega Mosque Site

Islamic group must provide more information

In the first-ever survey of local opinion about the mega-mosque proposed for West Ham, close to the site of the 2012 Olympics stadium, nearly 7 in 10 Newham residents (68%) said they would prefer a mixed-use development of houses, shops and community facilities to the 12,000-capacity religious complex proposed for the site by Islamic sect Tablighi Jamaat.

In the survey undertaken by ComRes, nearly 6 in 10 of Muslim residents in Newham (58%) also said they would prefer a mixed-use development for the site.

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Secretary of State, Greg Clark, refuses the appeal of the mosque trustees
Massive Step Forward as Secretary of State Refuses Appeals from Mosque Trustees

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